Network of Excellence in Biomass and Renewable Energy


Coordinated by two universities: one in Brazil, one in Finland, involving several top players in both countries. Universities and research institutions as Core Partners with clear contribution in dissemination. Companies and governmental agencies as Business, Industry and Government Club (BIG) members. Network as a seed for projects, educational programs, exchange of people, new business opportunities, joint ventures, policy makers, conferences, workshops.

Organization of NOBRE

Why collaborate?

  • Biomass and renewable energy are relevant areas of research, education and business opportunities both in Finland and Brazil
  • Advances in biomass utilization are currently depending on new joint ventures between universities, governmental agencies and private sector
  • Several opportunities for win-win collaboration between Finnish and Brazilian institutions. Personal contacts are needed to build trustful scenarios

How it Works

  • Core and BIG partners register as institutions and nominate representatives
  • Web-based 24/7
  • Two annual seminars: one in Brazil, one in Finland
  • Workshops and web-based lectures
  • Mobility of students and professors
  • Funding: match funding, direct support from governmental agencies, BIG members (to be discussed)
  • Initial period of three years + 2 years

Win-Win Scenarios

  • Network: Bridge between the best brains in both countries
  • Business: New joint ventures on new areas of bio-based economy
  • Research and innovation: New critical mass to advance the utilization of biomass and promote actions of sustainable development
  • Education: New education programs, new professionals for a new economy
  • Environment: New solutions to tackle the climate change

For more information, get in touch with NOBRE here.